Augmented reality is the enrichment of human sensory perception through information, usually manipulated and conveyed electronically, that would not be perceivable with our five senses.

The elements that thus ‘augment‘ reality can be achieved through a mobile device, such as a smartphone, using a PC equipped with a webcam or other sensors, with vision devices (e.g. retinal projection glasses), listening devices (earphones), and manipulation devices (gloves) that add multimedia information to the reality already normally perceived.

Indeed, this ‘additional’ information can also consist in a reduction
of the amount of information normally perceivable by sensory means,
in order to present a clearer, more useful or more entertaining perception.

The theme is a very broad and complex one,
as a myriad of applications exist
Moreover, understanding the application process and
convergence of multiple technologies is key to ensuring success!

Together with LiveMote, DT develops customized solutions in the field of AUGMENTED REALITY,
with simple and concrete results, and more specifically
in the fields of SMART ASSISTANCE and TRAINING.



“Since 2015, with DT we have embarked on a journey of Digital Transformation aimed to reshape our merchandise information management. Our goal is to improve our Customer Service and increase its performance. In addition to that, thanks to DT we also have extended digital solutions to other processes like Electronic Invoicing, achieving a great level of satisfaction”

Head of Customer Care Department, International Group of Food Industries

“Thanks to DT we could reach our objective to completely digitalize the Company. In DT we found a reliable partner, able to respond promptly to our business needs and to easily integrate into our structure, increasing our digital maturity “

Head of Administrative Department, International Group of Luxory&Fashion

“As a result of the strategic approach that we shared with Digital Technologies, we are now carrying out our Digital transformation plan internationally, obtaining tangible results in the Industry 4.0 and Office Automation field thanks to the development of AI tools.”

Digital Shared Services Team, International Group of Luxory&Fashion

“Digital Technologies allowed us to quickly implement important and quality digital solutions, not only locally but also internationally (in Asia, Europe and The Americas) and within the different companies that are part of our Group. Main solutions were implemented in Procurement, Electronic Invoicing and Hr areas.”

Informative Systems Team, International Group of Automotive