To talk about the blockchain, it is necessary to refer to some apparently very different themes: first of all, the concept of trust and community. Also, cryptography, transparency, sharing and “competition” in achieving a result. In addition to these concepts, other ideas such as the immutability of data and information over time and decentralization can be listed. From all these notions originates a powerful and complex innovation – not only technological -, that is also democratic and extraordinarily revolutionary.

The subject is very vast and complex, which is why DT has chosen to simplify it in vertical solutions that aim to improve concrete business objectives.

DT solutions are based on the use of NOKU platform.

As of today, solutions have been employed in the world of fashion (authenticity and anti-counterfeiting) and in the food sector (guarantee of quality and product traceability)




“Thanks to DT we could reach our objective to completely digitalize the Company. In DT we found a reliable partner, able to respond promptly to our business needs and to easily integrate into our structure, increasing our digital maturity “

Head of Administrative Department, International Group of Luxory&Fashion

“Since 2015, with DT we have embarked on a journey of Digital Transformation aimed to reshape our merchandise information management. Our goal is to improve our Customer Service and increase its performance. In addition to that, thanks to DT we also have extended digital solutions to other processes like Electronic Invoicing, achieving a great level of satisfaction”

Head of Customer Care Department, International Group of Food Industries

“Digital Technologies allowed us to quickly implement important and quality digital solutions, not only locally but also internationally (in Asia, Europe and The Americas) and within the different companies that are part of our Group. Main solutions were implemented in Procurement, Electronic Invoicing and Hr areas.”

Informative Systems Team, International Group of Automotive

“As a result of the strategic approach that we shared with Digital Technologies, we are now carrying out our Digital transformation plan internationally, obtaining tangible results in the Industry 4.0 and Office Automation field thanks to the development of AI tools.”

Digital Shared Services Team, International Group of Luxory&Fashion

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