DDT’s purpose is to certify the transfer of goods form a sender to a recipient. In fact, despite the significant progress made in the commerce sector, there are still many issues that a company needs to handle.

Each reality finds its own way to transform and adapt to change, but not all of them manage to find their own specific characteristics.

The integrated solution of digital DDT aims to turn paper documents into a completely digital version, allowing dematerialization and 24/7 availability, saving physical space, time ad resources


  • The transport document is a document required by Italian law regarding the transport of goods, introduced by Presidential Decree 472/76 to replace the accompanying note.
  • The transport document does not have to necessarily accompany the goods during transport, but may be electronically sent to the recipient by the end of the day on which the transport is arranged (Circular AE No. 249, 11/10/1996).
  • Since its origin, the transport document is filled out with all mandatory information: quantity, description of goods, details of the parties involved (Circular of Italian Revenue Agency No. 36, 06/12/2006). Therefore, the signature (handwritten or electronic) of the recipient is not mandatory.
  • The transport document has fiscal value. According to its use and purpose, its conservation is both recipient’s and sender’s duty. In case of electronically transmitted transport documents, it is possible to proceed with digital archiving, based on Ministerial Decree, 11/06/2014, and technical rules formulated in the Decree of the president of the council of Ministers,12/03/2013.


According to the chosen solution, it is possible to achieve considerable savings for every single operation, both for recipient and sender. In any case, an elimination of all physical archives is carried out, allowing not only to substantially save space and resources, but also to store in the Cloud the necessary amount of data, so that they can be accessible 24/7Speed and flexibility of DT’s solutions allow a synchronized integration with preexisting systems, building a single, perfectly harmonious ecosystem.


There are many approached to the need of Digital Transport Document, and, according to the company’s choice, a different level of digitalization and transformation of the process will be preferred. In order to offer a flexible and adequate tool that meets the company’s needs, we perfected four different solutions, perfectly integrated and alternative.