Companies, committed to the digital revolution on a daily basis, are in dire need of strategies focused on monitoring workflow that nowadays is becoming more flexible, smarter and more delocalizedTo many companies, this means to redesign entire processes, create new functions that can keep up with the times. With this in mind, we have outlined an integrated solution that wants to provide HR management and employees with a digital and innovative solution for managing, organizing and archiving the documents that accompany and define the professional journey of the individual within the company, and that today, in many cases, are still produced and managed on paper. Dt’s solution for digital HR has been developed taking into consideration the main features of the dossier:

  • It is a multi-folder dossier (administrative folder, health folder, HR folder)
  • It is a dynamic and constantly up-to-date dossier
  • It is the sum of documents produced both within and outside the company


The personnel file presents some critical issues encountered in staff management. Each company faces those issues every day and they can be summarized as follows:


  • Need to quickly access information
  • Documents located in different sites
  • Accessibility required simultaneously by different parties
  • High file search and retrieval time
  • Difficulty in tracking access and activities on the dossier


  • Need for constant dossier updates
  • Need for fast integration of new documents with the preexisting dossier


  • Need for information safety over time
  • Need for information integrity over time


Achievement of goals of HR processes innovation
Improvement of both Employees Satisfaction and work conditions
Elimination of costs for physical archiving and storage of personnel dossiers with a resting 40-50% in saving compared to current spending
Increase of security of sensitive data included in the aforementioned documents


Digital Technologies’ solution is a single digital data base of personnel files, accessible by the HR office and the employees through a web platform. Because of its access traceability and functionality profiling according to users’ role, Digital Technologies’ platform ensures documents and information security. Thanks to its Legal Archiving service, Digital Technologies’ solution guarantees the integrity of the document over time and its legal value.