Even though communications systems have taken big steps forward, the increased ability to produce information has not been matched by improved management or a correct distribution of messages. Such feature needs to be widespread but not invasive, detailed without being redundant and, lastly, it should reduce anomalies, reduce costs and provide real-time and exhaustive information and be compliant to relevant legislations.


We aim to focus on one a single point of contact all the information distribution activities both inside and outside the company. All this has significant benefits, that can be summarized as follows:

  • Optimization and centralization of the distribution process of documents, with a resulting recovery of resources that can be then allocated for more profitable activities, thus generating a saving of 80% compared to current costs;
  • Reduction of time to market
  • Maximized speed and flexibility in delivery of own documents, with related improvement of collection policies


Digital Technologies’ solution allows to innovate and digitalize the entire distribution process within the company, providing flexibility in managing different input formats and multiple output channels. Digital Technologies’ service ensures tracking and monitoring of every single document along the whole process. Thanks to its own customized ecosystem, Digital Technologies offers a complete service designed to cover every stage of the process, letting the company free to focus on its Core Business. Through an integrated and customized ecosystem, it is possible to connect all document distribution processes of the company to a centralized workflow.