Integrated solution for the electronic invoicing process automation. With the DT platform, invoices can be issued, received, and managed electronically to and from Public Administrations (B2G) and Private Parties (B2B and B2C).


  • Generation of electronic document in XML or XMLPA format
  • Editor for document creation from platform
  • Electronic signature application 
  • Invoice transmission and reception
  • Automatic checks and controls
  • Display and search with document status evidence 
  • Manual document upload
  • Export and download
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Regulation-compliant digital archiving


  • For transactions with the Public Administration;
  • For the exchange of goods and services between private entities resident, established and identified in the State.
  • The obligation is also extended to taxpayers under the flat-rate scheme, who received revenue or remuneration over €25,000 in the previous year;
  • The obligation will be extended from 1 January 2024 to all the other flat-rate taxpayers.
  • The “esterometro” has been abolished and the data reporting on foreign transactions must be performed by adopting the XML format used for sending e-invoices.

The legislation requires electronic invoices to be stored for 10 years.

…to your problems…

Regulatory compliance

Inefficiencies and errors

Lack of data standardization

…to make a difference!

Single point of contact

Flexible and scalable solution that provides the customer with a single point of contact to monitor the invoice transmission flow and its outcome


Allows to automate the process of sending and receiving invoices, and to dispose of a structured data set useful for the automation of other invoice-related processes, such as registration and accounting

Complete integration

Customizable platform that can be fully integrated with companies’ existing ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, Zucchetti, IBM AS/400, Oracle and others


Process optimization

Increased efficiency of administrative processes

Process velocity

Reduction of invoice processing times and reduction of payment collection times

Process automation

Standardization of data and automatic management of validation and verification processes

Cost reduction

Process management costs are reduced by 90% compared to traditional invoicing processes

Increased security

Implementation of electronic signatures, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the invoice

Reduction of inefficiencies

Reduction of errors, particularly during the invoice creation and/or the accounting phase

Reduction of collection times

Reduction of procedures times thanks to the elimination of errors during the creation and accounting phases

Regulatory compliance

Total compliance with regulatory requirements

Standard-compliant digital storage

Agile, secure, and legally compliant archiving of invoices



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