The DT platform is a solution to simplify and automate the electronic invoicing process management (B2B/B2G) at an international level.


  • Creation of the electronic document (XML, UBL, UN/CEFACT CII, Peppol, national formats, etc.)
  • Conversion of the electronic document into the format required by the trading partner 
  • Editor for document creation from platform
  • Electronic signature application
  • Invoice transmission and reception, multi-channel Input/Output (Peppol, national infrastructures, EDI, etc.)
  • Automatic checks and controls
  • Visualization and search with document status evidence 
  • Manual document upload
  • Export and download
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting
  • Legal Archiving depending on the regulations of country

…to your problems…

Lack of standardization of e-invoicing initiatives internationally

Complex regulatory landscape

Decentralization of e-invoicing activities

Errors and inefficiencies due to manual process management

…to make a difference!

Single point of contact

The company can delegate all technical aspects to a single point of contact, which guarantees full compliance to the regulations internationally

Global regulatory compliance

Guaranteed compliance with the latest regulations in more than 60 countries worldwide.
The covered areas are Europe, LATAM, APAC

Multichannel management

Different channels and formats can be managed with the platform, in compliance with the regulatory requirements of each country

Complete integration

It is a platform that can be fully integrated with companies’ existing ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, IBM AS/400, Oracle, and others


Regulatory Compliance

e-Invoicing process management in compliance with each country’s regulations

Automation of the international e-Invoicing process 

Standardization of data and information and automatic management of the validation and verification processes

Process optimization

Increased efficiency of the administrative processes

Time reduction 

Significant reduction in the invoice processing time

Cost reduction

Process management costs are reduced up to 90% compared to traditional invoicing processes

Reduction in payment collection times

Speeding up processes by eliminating invoice creation and accounting errors

Increased security

Implementation of electronic signature processes, which ensure the invoice integrity and authenticity

Reduction of inefficiencies

Reduction of manual errors, particularly during the invoice creation and/or the accounting phase

Flexibility and scalability

The solution is replicable on a global scale

Legal Archiving

Legal storage of documents, depending on the regulations in each country



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