CIO Applications Europe: Top 10 E-Invoicing Solution Providers 2019

“We offer a set of flexible modules
that can be combined to exponentially
increase an organization’s business andprocurement processes efficiently” 

Luca Baldini, Co-Founder & General Manager

Luca Baldini, Co-Founder & General Manager

CIO Applications Europe has compiled a list of Top 10 E-Invoicing Solution and Service Providers who are consistently proving their mettle in the e-invoice landscape. In this edition, we are glad to showcase companies such as Billit, Compacer, Digital Technologies, QNB eFinans, Payrexx and Qvalia that are revolutionizing the e-invoice space with their groundbreaking solutions.

Deemed as a leading-edge innovator in e-invoicing, Digital Technologies turned the obligations that were set by the government into an opportunity for the organizations to digitalize their business processes. The company’s core competencies lie in digitalizing the accounts payable and receivable processes with their suite of technologies, which includes the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and the Exponential Solutions (EXP).

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