Centralized service for creating, distributing, and sending business documents, regardless of their format. It allows the automation of the information sharing process: it is a flexible and customizable service, characterized by multi-channel input and output management.


  • Reception of documents from the customer
  • Document composition to create documents
  • Multichannel transmission of documents (postal service, SMS, mailing/PEC, EDI, E-Invoicing, Customer Portal)
  • Document tracking throughout the process
  • Web platform to search documents and monitor their status
  • Legal Archiving of documents in compliance with current legislation

…to your problems…

Errors and inefficiencies
due to manual activities 

Dissatisfaction of employees engaged in repetitive and routine tasks

Process decentralization 

Waste of human resources
in low-value activities

…to make a difference!

Multichannel approach

Simplified management of the document distribution process is made possible by a multi-channel approach, depending on the customer’s needs, guaranteeing the scalability of the solution globally.

Centralization of the service

Increased efficiency through centralized management of the document distribution process: this allows to allocate resources to more strategic and valuable tasks.


Automation of the document distribution process

Standardization results in a speeding up of the process and a reduction in distribution costs

Increased efficiency

The reduction of manual activities leads to a significant reduction of errors and inefficiencies

Document tracking

The platform allows to monitor the documents status

Total integrability

Platform that can be fully integrated with third-party systems present in the company

Employee satisfaction

Human resources can be employed in activities with more strategic value



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