DigiPEC is a platform to manage certified electronic mail: it is a web portal to send, receive, share, and legally archive messages. At any time, it allows to monitor and control of receipts directly from the dashboard thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, eliminating all the problems associated with traditional space management.


  • User profiling 
  • Centralised management of one or more PEC boxes
  • Allocation and filtering of messages by competence
  • Multi-account monitoring from the same portal
  • Automatic extrapolation of attachments sent with PEC
  • Secure management of the PEC account password (known only to the admin)
  • Activity tracking of all users who have access to the PEC account
  • Automatic procedure for regulation-compliant digital storage of messages, attachments and receipts

…to your problems…

Uncertainty in user tracking

Flaws in password protection

Inadequate storage of messages

Confusion in workflows and
message routing flows

…to make a difference!

Regulatory Compliance 

The Italian Civil Code (art.2200 and 2214) imposes the digital preservation of company correspondence, including Certified Electronic Mail, for a period of 10 years. The solution guarantees the archiving of messages in compliance with the current regulations.

Single point of contact 

The solution allows messages from one or more accounts to be viewed from a single platform, guaranteeing simplified and unified management of business correspondence.


Tracking and Tracing

The operations performed on the message are traceable, being able to reconstruct its history

Increased security

Reduction of potential breaches in password protection

Regulatory compliance

Reduced risk of penalties due to incorrect message storage

Increased efficiency

Optimized workflow management and message routing flows

Process streamlining

Reduction of message management times



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