Modular platform for the end-to-end automation of the Procure To Pay process involving the company and its suppliers. Accessible by both, it is an essential tool for improving collaboration, increasing levels of interoperability and transparency between the parties.


Corporate Platform 

  • Source and vendor management: module for strategic sourcing management, selection of the most efficient suppliers, compliance, contract renegotiation, supplier rating etc.
  • Procurement and workflow: module for procurement management (purchase request, order issue and goods receipt). It is possible to activate integrated workflows for the management of all procurement phases.
  • Content management and electronic signatures: module for the management and electronic signature of documents.
  • Invoicing and payments: module to manage the invoices payables (electronic and non-electronic) and payments  
  • Communication: module to manage communications and ticketing directly from the platform
  • Advanced reporting: module to monitor the main KPIs 

Supplier Platform 

  • Records and document management: module for searching, displaying and sharing information and documents between parties (e.g. master data registration on the system, compliance documentation upload, invoices, etc.). It also provides the possibility of electronically signing documents and activating workflows to simplify procedures between parties.
  • Monitoring and reporting: module to provide suppliers with evidence of the status of their documents (e.g. invoices payable processing, evidence of production forecast, exchange of communications, etc.).

…to your problems…

Presence of unstructured
data and information

Limited visibility of information
and process phases

Lack of collaboration

Lack of overall
process visibility

Partial visibility and communication
between customer and supplier

…to make a difference!

Advisory approach 

Analyzing the scenario in which the company operates, DT supports organizations in defining the most suitable path to achieve short and long term goals to enhance digital transformation and business growth.

Total Integration

The platform can be fully integrated with the most common ERPs (SAP, Stealth, IFS, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Salesforce, etc.). 

Customization, flexibility, and scalability

The platform is fully customizable and individual modules can be activated according to customer needs.


Increased efficiency

Reduction of costs and processing times thanks to the process digitalization

Increased visibility and reduced search times

Process-related material is accessible from a single platform (e.g. RDA, ODA, EM, invoices, contracts etc.)

Automation, standardization, and optimization

Errors and inefficiencies are reduced thanks to the elimination of manual tasks

Increased visibility and traceability

Monitoring information flows enables organizations to make informed strategic decisions based on real data insights

Increased staff satisfaction levels

Employees are redeployed in higher value-added activities by automating repetitive and manual tasks

Compliance with regulatory obligations

The platform ensures Long Term Preservation of documents according to the regulatory framework in place

Improved supplier relations

Transparency of information between organizations and suppliers increases interoperability levels between parties



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