The Fluida web platform for personnel management simplifies the relationship between employees and the company, increasing the levels of interoperability between the two subjects. The tool is accessible from any device and at any time.


  • Attendance management: module for attendance management, overtime tracking, requests management regarding holidays, leaves, and sick days.
  • Smart clocking: module to clock in/out via smartphone or NFC badge.
  • Expense report: module for the compilation of expenses information by the employees, which allows the insertion of a photograph for each item entered. The company will have immediate evidence of all information, approving or rejecting the expenses report.
  • Documents and digital company notice board: module to send communications and documents directly to employees
  • Activity reporting: module to measure performances of employees, who can enter a report of their activities
  • Shift planning: module to plan and schedule work shifts.
  • Reporting: module to create and consult detailed and customizable reports, which support companies in making decisions based on the available data.
  • Legal Archiving: module providing for the regulation-compliant storage of documents

…to your problems…

Manual procedures with
errors and inefficiencies

Complexity in processes resulting
in employee dissatisfaction

Procrastination of information
input by employees

Complex and redundant

…to make a difference!

Advisory approach 

Analyzing the scenario in which the company operates, DT supports organizations in the digital transformation process to achieve exponential business growth.

Intuitiveness and ease of use 

The platform is a simple and intuitive tool, accessible from any device.

Single point of contact 

The solution enables centralized management of the entire workforce from a single platform.



Processes standardization and simplification

Real-time data collection

Data analysis to guide business decisions and improve performance

Paperless management and cost reduction 

Cost reduction due to paper-based process management

Increased efficiency

Reduction of errors and inefficiencies

Procedures streamlining 

Reduction of the times required to perform procedures

Improved performance 

Increased productivity and employee satisfaction

Regulatory compliance

Procedures are conducted in compliance with regulations



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