Back-office and document dematerialization platform: a tool to simplify and optimize the document management process, aimed both at companies and public administrations. Combining a mix of qualified operators and technologies, the service covers the overall process: from document management to its digitization, up to regulation-compliant archiving.


  • Back-office services: activities involving the management of records (normalization, scanning, index, and verification of documents compliance with pre-established rules). Depending on requirements, a storage management service is also provided for the physical archiving of documents. Digital Technologies provides a team of more than forty highly qualified figures, with specific skills in different processes and sectors.
  • Document platform: a flexible, scalable, customizable, and compliant platform to search and view any type of document.
    • Dossier/single document search
    • Documents and data display 
    • Document/dossier information editing 
    • Document pages insertion/replacement
    • Document deletion
    • Document/dossier download
    • Document upload 
    • Activation and configuration of dedicated workflows
    • Electronic signatures 
    • Communication between multiple users directly from the platform (chat, alert, email)
    • Advanced reporting
    • Legal Archiving 

On which processes can be managed?

  • Accounts payable and receivable 
  • Document management 
  • Banking and insurance processes 
  • Treasury processes 
  • Credit management 
  • HR processes 

In which sectors?

  • Finance, oil and gas, utilities, banking & insurance, automotive, fashion & retail, food & beverage

…to your problems…

High costs of printing and
physical storage of documents

Waste of time and resources to archive,
classify and research documents

Difficulty in filing and classifying
documents uniquely

Slowness and difficulty
in sharing documents

Security and privacy risks

Errors due to manual
data entry of information

…to make a difference!

Business Continuity

By initiating systematic dematerialization processes, the organization’s operability is ensured, and its procedures are simplified. Once dematerialized, documents are also available online, enabling companies to deliver services remotely.

Exponential performance

The platform can handle and sustain high loads, both in terms of quantity of managed documents and number of concurrently active users.


Cost Reduction 

Reduction of paper document management and archiving costs

Increased performance

Increased productivity and efficiency


Reduced environmental impact

Reduction of inefficiencies

Reduction of error rates related to manual operations

Procedures streamlining

Reduced document management and sharing times


Easier and faster document consultation

Monitoring and control 

Full control over the processes involving documents


Traceability, transparency, and higher quality in information management



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