Platform for the standardization and automation of the AP cycle, which enables the reception of payble invoices and allows their automatic registration within the ERPs systems.


  • Multi-format (paper, pdf, tiff/jpeg, EDI, electronic formats) and multi-channel (post, mail/PEC, web platform, e-invoicing/peppol) reception of documents 
  • Import of documents, which are made available on web portal 
  • Data recognition of document information using hyperautomation technologies
  • Data correction and validation of the information recognized on the document
  • Workflow and anomaly management to rectify any detected problems 
  • Automatic registration and export to ERP systems

The platform can be complemented by additional modules:

  • Enables vendor onboarding, providing the possibility of managing master data directly from the portal 
  • Allows documents to be uploaded directly from the portal 
  • Improves transparency, giving the supplier evidence of the invoice status
  • Improves communication, allowing tickets to be opened directly from the portal
  • Allows the implementation of approval workflows to simplify procedures and the management of any anomalies
  • Enable automatic data extraction from documents
  • Perform repetitive and routine tasks and activities 
  • Enable continuous learning of the system
  • Performs the automatic matching and reconciliation between accounted payable invoices and other related documents (e.g. transport documents, customs duties, payments)

…to your problems…

Misalignment of supplier
master data

Different formats and reception
channels of payable invoices

Errors in invoices registration 

Difficulties in the reconciliation of
invoices with other documents,
such as orders and delivery notes

Difficulties in payment reconciliation

Supplier and customer communication

…to make a difference!

Single point of contact and multichannel approach 

Based on multi-channel input, it simplifies the document sharing with suppliers, which can be performed exchanging any format through any channel.

Flexibility and integrability 

A modular and flexible solution that guarantees full integration with the most common ERPs (SAP, Stealth, IFS, Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Salesforce, etc.).

Centralized anomaly management

For each document, the solution allows to automatically identify the presence of anomalies and report them to users who can manage them directly from the platform.



Standardization of the invoices payable reception process

Process simplification  

Streamlining of the accounting process

Error reduction 

Reduction of inefficiencies due to manual activities


Simplification of document sharing and supplier relations

Digitalization of relations with suppliers   

Increased collaboration between parties, transparency, and accountability

Full Time Equivalent savings 

Redeployment of resources in higher value-added activities

Cost Reduction 

Automation of procedures allows a significant reduction in operating costs


Replicability of the solution at corporate and geographical level



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