Document platform for the automated management of the customs file and documents relating to import and export operations. The portal is integrated with the new digital and electronic tools introduced by the Customs Agency during the recent evolutions towards the complete digitalization of Customs.


  1. Input management system: module for the automated management of documents received from different sources (multi-channel input: mail, API, SFTP, WebService, transporters/importers portal, etc.). 
  2. Tracking: module to monitor the progress of the dossier, which allows to send alerts and notifications on any deadline.
  3. RPA Automation: module for the automation of manual activities
  4. Checklist: module to check and verify documents 
  5. Export: module to automatically export data to ERP systems 
  6. Regulation-compliant legal archiving: module to legally archive documents, in compliance with current regulations

…ai tuoi problemi…

Presence of numerous
manual activities

Errors and inefficiencies
due to manual activities

Extended time to search
and consult files

Inefficiencies in accounting registration
and document reconciliation

Tracking and visibility in case of
inspections by the Customs Agency

Risk of sanctions

…to make a difference!

Advisory approach and automation 

Analyzing company processes and highlighting critical issues, DT supports its customers through the implementation of digital platforms based on the most advanced automation technologies.


Regulatory Compliance

Compliance to Customs Agency deadlines

Quick consultation of information and documents

Simple exhibiting of documents in the event of controls by the Customs Agency

Reduction of sanctions risk

Monitoring of the progress and status of the Customs file, which lowers the risk of sanctions from the Customs Agency

Reduction of costs

Centralized management of documents directly from the platform

Reduction of inefficiencies

Thanks to the elimination of manual activities, it is possible to speed up customs file processing procedures

Automation and standardization

Facilitation of accounting and document reconciliation activities



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