In the digital era, information is considered the new leverage that favours innovation and generates new business opportunities. To these days, the majority if companies considers digitalization and structured management of information as the foundation for growth and competitivenessConsequently, the value of information is increasingly seen as a commodity that has to be managed. However, information managed by a company on a daily basis derives from a complex ecosystem, made of all stakeholders that receive that information through different interaction channels: partners, employees, suppliers, clients.


Advantages of Enterprise Content Management solution mainly concern innovation, digitalization of corporate processes and reduction of costs related to management of paper documents. Specifically:

  • Reduction of costs related to management and archiving of documents on analog supports
  • Reduction of documents management time, with the opportunity to identify bottlenecks
  • Greater availability of added value information that makes decision making process much more efficient
  • Reduction of risk of information loss, thanks to a proprietary archiving system
  • Faster and more selective access to corporate information through the Digital Technologies customized platform
  • Control over production, editing and document management
  • Improvement of services provided to clients


Digital Technologies’ solution for ECM allows archiving of every document format coming from the informative systems that the company utilizes (ERP, CRM, management softwares, etc..). Information in the documentation system is centralized and easily traceable. Safety and immutability of the archived document are ensured. In addition, all operations performed on a document are traceable and displayed by the platform. Digital Technologies’ solution allows to manage privacy policies and segregation, setting access rights both for a class of documents and for a single one. Digital Technologies solution has multiple workflow and document management functions focus on optimizing and expediting flow of digital content. Digital Technologies solution provides access to information to multiple users at the same time and on mobile devices