Process mining is a technology that allows to map business processes through the analysis of information system logs, with the aim of identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and any deviations from policy-coded standards. It enables the detection of errors and inefficiencies, evaluating the overall performance of the process.


What can be done with process mining?

  • streamlining of business processes, in the various company areas
  • auditing and compliance control
  • implementation of automation tools in processes
  • making IT services more efficient

How do we operate?

  • Definition: identification of areas and processes to be addressed
  • Measuring: extraction of information and data from logs
  • Analysis: analysis of the extracted data to assess process performance
  • Optimization: identification of measures to introduce automation into processes
  • Continuous monitoring: acquisition of data and information to continuously monitor performance


…to your problems…

Misinterpretation of data and
information available to companies

Errors, inefficiencies,
and bottlenecks in processes

Presence of numerous
manual activities and tasks

Reduced levels
of automation

…to make a difference!

Advisory approach and prioritization

DT supports companies in analyzing inefficiencies and identifying the most suitable ways to introduce automation. Thanks to the potential of process mining, processes are redesigned, optimizing and standardizing the areas that have shown critical issues.

Low-code technology

Process mining technology works as a sort of layer that overlaps the company’s IT infrastructure; therefore, it is extremely rapid both in terms of implementation and in terms of delivery of results.


Implementation of data-driven strategies

Guide business decisions thanks to objective insights supported by the real data analysis

Complete process visibility

Provides evidence of process information in real time to assess inefficiencies


Allows you to establish and prioritize interventions, assessing the impact that specific process gaps have on overall performance

Rapid return on investment 

The fast implementation allows to achieve results in a short time and to scale the solution on other business areas

Cost reduction

Up to 30% of resources are relocated higher strategic-value activities

Processes streamlining

Enables shorter and more agile processes, reducing their average duration by approximately 70%



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